“Part of me loves and respects men so desperately, and part of me thinks they are so embarrassingly incompetent at life and in love. You have to teach them the very basics of emotional literacy. You have to teach them how to be there for you, and part of me feels very tender toward them and gentle, and part of me is so afraid of them, afraid of any more violation.” – Anne Lamott


I wish I didn’t care to unnecessary depths.

I wish being¬†sickly sweet wasn’t second nature.

I wish I didn’t follow along with a gentle ease.

I wish I didn’t open up fearlessly.

I wish I didn’t trust effortlessly.

I wish I didn’t convince myself of potential and change.

I wish I could blame all the oxytocin.

I wish that these things didn’t make me feel like a silly, foolish girl.

Thank you. Sorry. You’ll do better next time, darling.

And her skin grew slightly thicker.